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Solar Power In Connecticut Helps Lower Electricity Costs

Clean, renewable energy is possible with solar power, and CT leads the way in promoting the use of this energy in residential and commercial settings. The Clean Energy Finance and Investment Authority, or CEFIA, has accomplished this by being the first financing organization to handle renewable energy. CEFIA combines public and private funds, and are available to residential, commercial and energy plant property owners wanting to go green and increase output.

Utilizing the available technologies today helps property owners, cities and the environment, and there are many incentives available for clean energy installations. Saving money is always a big plus, and freedom from fossil fuel emissions saves more than just money.

Before deciding on an installation date, there are a few things a property owner must consider. While going green is a wonderful idea, there are important facts to keep in mind to ensure an educated decision.

First, solar power in CT is not as simple as just sticking a photovoltaic array on the garage or on the ground. There are applications to file, licenses to obtain and fees to pay. If the homeowner or property owner is willing to attempt a self-install, there is much to consider and plan for in advance. Financing must be secured and there are numerous finance options, regardless of credit.

A professional PV installer will know what licenses, fees and applications must be filed before the project begins. In addition, homeowners associations and other organizations may need to approve the plans before the project begins. Expert solar integrators will possess the licensing necessary to complete a professional install of the system, but an amateur will find that the paperwork can takes weeks or months.

Choosing an installation date is also important. A rainy, muddy day may make it impossible for the delivery truck to deliver the materials needed for the project. Solar power in CT can be a great asset to the property owner, but it is usually better to wait a few days to make sure an ideal project is in place. Once all the paperwork is finished, the system can be installed in a matter of days.

When deciding on the correct PV system for the property, it definitely helps to contact an expert. There are units that perform better than others when weather conditions are not optimal. Some arrays can even expect increased performance, as lower temperatures will allow the system to operate at greater efficiency. Obtaining solar power in CT is easy, as available technologies make it possible for any region to have access to PV systems.

Solar power in CT is a possible because many organizations and financial institutions in the state have supported it. CEFIA is among the most important of these, and it has made photovoltaic ownership a reality to thousands of households and businesses across the state. Connecticut is leading the way and building the framework for the rest of the country to follow. As a result, the state has reduced emissions as well as electricity costs for consumers.

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