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Solar Power Facts About Prices, Maintenance and Exposure

One of the most common solar power facts that people often get wrong is that it is too expensive for the average home owner.  The misconception is that it is not cost effective to use this type of energy, that the panels are hard to maintain, and that they cannot use the energy because of their climate or the position of their home. This is not the case, and it is important to know the truth so more Americans can benefit from this affordable alternative energy source.   

Actual solar power facts include the truth that it is not as expensive to own or buy this type of energy as people think it is. A typical prices for homes solar power systems can cost thousands of dollars, however the federal government offers tax benefits that help with the overall cost of the panels, and this does not include possible incentives each state may offer as well. Also, the reward is great both financially and ecologically. Financially, having panels installed on a home can save the home owner a lot of money as the system will generally pay for itself in roughly 2-5 years. After that the homeowner will be paying little or nothing, and if that is added to the savings on the local utility company, it is even more attractive. Ecologically the panels cause less pollution and can be recycled after they are no longer usable.  The money paid upfront is a short term payment with a long term pay off.

Other important solar power facts would include the level of maintenance that is required. Most systems are bought and connected to the utility. The only maintenance a panel may need is to be cleaned with water to remove any dirt, snow, or to remove lingering tree branches and leaves that may have fallen on the panels. If the less used battery system is purchased, a little more maintenance may be needed, but not enough to outweigh any of the rewards owning this type of system offers. If cleaning a battery operated panel, it should be cleaned carefully. Like any battery it does have battery acid and this should be avoided and immediately removed if it touches any part of the skin or clothing. Also, the person cleaning the panel must not smoke or wear any metal. Other than that, the objective to keep debris and dirt off of it is all that is needed so it can work efficiently.

These home systems can be used in virtually any climate as long as there is some amount of sun light, and this is another of the solar power facts that is widely misunderstood. Many think that if the home is located in the Northern states, that this is not a viable option. This is another myth, as these systems are effective for homes anywhere in the U.S. and even up into parts of Canada.

Perhaps the greatest of the solar power facts is that this type of energy system is one of the greatest investments a homeowner can make. Not only is it environmentally friendly, but it also saves the owner quite a bit of money and keeps them from having to rely on their local electricity provider.  Those who are not educated about this technology believe the myths, but the truth is that these systems have come a long way. They are affordable, effective and eco-friendly.

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