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Solar Power Sales Reveal Popularity of PV Systems

Drops in cost to install sunlight panels have increased total solar power sales in the past couple of years. As costs of solar panels continue to decrease, the pros of purchasing this type of system have far outweighed the expense. As the system runs free of cost, the only cost is the materials and installation fees. There is little to no maintenance needed, and the panels rarely require changing or replacing. The top three solar power sales companies are Soluxe Solar, Solar City and Sun Run. Each offer different limits to availability and advantages for use.

Soluxe is a company known for its solar power sales. They offer 25 year warranties on high performance panels that are expected to last 40 or more years. This energy company offers upgrades and high quality installations that are protected with leak proof seals and UV resistant seals, as well as non-corrosive rackings. With smart phone accessible real-time monitoring, it is easy for one to monitor their savings anytime, anywhere. The overall price ranges from ten to fifteen grand, depending on the quality of the system being installed. The systems reduce the average electric bill by 70%, or more. Soluxe services customers all over the U.S.

The second company mentioned was founded in 2006, based off a suggestion made by Elm Musk. This company, active in 13 states, offers an energy leasing program. The lease is an easy option, in which the company purchases and installs the system for the customer, who in turn pays a fee for installation, as well as a monthly charge to keep the energy. This program allows the customer to pay less every month. Updates that are offered include air and duct sealing. Aside from offering energy for buildings, they also provide chargers for electric vehicles and full service on the systems installed to residential, commercial and government buildings. Their solar power sales, while high, are expected to go down in time as they are only available in 13 out of the 50 states.

Sun Run is a company operating in a mere 10 states. They offer a similar leasing option that can be leased in 20 year increments. They charge for the amount of energy generated per month, with low electricity rates. Sun Run will evaluate the building for free, visit and inspect the residence and do the installation.  With the energy leasing option, the company appears to garner a good deal for the customer, so long as they reside in one of the 10 states that Sun Run is available in for residential and commercial use.

Out of these top solar companies, Soluxe is made available in a majority of the United States of America and is a reasonable and cost-effective company to assist one in purchasing and installing an energy system. Leading in solar power sales, they offer long-term guarantees, protective updates and assistance every step of the way with maintenance, and real time monitoring systems. When considering which company to choose when purchasing the paneling for the roof of the building, the consumer must take into account multiple factors including, location, how much energy will be used, and how much budgeting has been made. They should also delve a little deeper into the myths and truths of purchasing a PV system rather than leasing it.

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