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Solar Power Systems

Deciding to purchase and install solar power systems provides numerous benefits to the purchaser and property owner. There are a variety of styles allowing the purchaser to customize the need and cost to the property. Two of the most popular types of units are off-grid units and grid-tie units. Other highly prized types include hybrid units, wind power units, marine or RV units, well or pump units, and backup energy units.

With solar prices at an all time low, property owners are choosing to save money and earn independence by making a purchase that continues providing affordable energy solutions for decades to come. Whether the property owner decides to purchase off grid units or units that tie into the grid, a professional installer maximizes the potential of the unit allowing the purchaser to simply make an investment that provides an exceptional return on investment in short order.

Price will depend on the estimated amount of energy necessary for the property to continue functioning on a monthly basis. Therefore, the price of the solar power systems will differ between a weekend retreat and a residential property. In addition, prices will vary depending on whether the property is going to utilize an off-grid unit or a grid-tie unit.

What is an off-grid unit?

An off-grid unit provides the ultimate in freedom for the purchaser. The property becomes its own utility company, storing any excess energy for times when the sun isn’t shining. Having the right equipment ensures that the property owner has a continuous supply of energy. Again, the type of solar power systems needed to provide a continuous supply of energy will depend on the size of the property and the lifestyle of the property occupants.

With an off-grid unit, an inverter connects to batteries and photovoltaic panels, converting DC energy to the needed AC energy utilized by most household appliances. However, most households use 12 volts, 24 volts, and 48 volts. Knowing an estimation of how much energy the property needs to function allows the property owner to purchase the right solar power systems. Incorrect sizes will not make a good investment either, as they will not provide enough energy or will waste the energy that is generated.

What is a grid-tie unit?

A photovoltaic unit that actually interties with a local utility grid provides the property owner with an affordable energy solution that can actually make the property owner money. By purchasing a grid-tied unit, an inverter and a monitoring panel, the property owner purchases needed energy and the excess energy is sold back to the utility company. However, if the energy produced is not enough to maintain the property, the utility company can provide the necessary energy at a price.

There are options that allow a property owner to purchase the best solar power systems for the need. Whether the property owner purchases and installs a premade package or chooses to customize the unit, having the ideal unit for the property helps provide a continuous supply of needed energy. In addition, superior units can be added at a later date, allowing for the units to actually grow with the property.


Soluxe Solar offers installation of solar roof systems nationwide including: Suffolk County, Westchester County, NY, Fairfield County and the surrounding New York area as well as Connecticut and New Jersey.

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