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Solar Rebates Benefit Home or Commercial Utility Costs

Each state has their own solar panel rebates programs and incentives.  Everybody wants a good tax credit, and many of the companies are offering great incentives to get customers to switch from traditional energy sources to installing photovoltaic energy systems.  These solar rebates are for residential homes as well as commercial businesses.

In the state of Texas, commercial and industrial businesses can receive 10% of the amortized cost of installing a system for heating and cooling purposes, as well as for the production of electrical and mechanical power.  This is for customers that are subject to the state franchise tax, which is Texas' equivalent to a corporate tax. 

If a commercial business is a member of the City of Houston's Green Office Challenge Program, and has a minimum of 7,500 square feet of office space, they are eligible for the Energy Efficiency Incentive Program through the city of Houston.  This incentive offers 20%, up to $200,000, of all up-front costs for a multitude of appliances, retrofits, office equipment, and photovoltaic equipment.

These solar rebates will help to offset electric utility costs.  Sometimes they can be completely eliminated by taking advantage of the various offers and incentives from the state, the city, and the green energy company the solar equipment comes from.  In the state of Texas alone, there are 174 solar and wind energy incentives available for residential homes and commercial buildings.  The state of California has 106 programs that they offer and New York offers 53.  Any taxpayer can claim 30% from the Federal Government off any qualified expenditures they incurred for installing a system.

There are hundreds of thousands of dollars available for the year 2012 from a variety of different programs.  For example:  in the state of Texas, SWEPCO, Southwestern Electric Power Company, budgeted $121,500 to give in rebates to residential homeowners.  There is currently $79,780 still left of that budget (updated on 06.01.12).  Almost every city in the state of New York offers 5% property tax abatement for four years just for installing photovoltaic equipment.  Maryland offers a 'Clean Energy Production Tax Credit' to residential and commercial sectors.  It is worth checking out what is available to the homeowner and the commercial or industrial business owner to see what kind of solar rebates they can take advantage of.

Speak with the green energy representative to find out more on how to receive several of these solar rebates, and how to qualify for the various incentives and tax credits.  With most of the states offering buy back incentives, investing in any number of sun energy generated products will pay for themselves very quickly.  Some people have stated that because of the buy back program, they are getting paid by the utility company.  However, it does take a fair amount of time to achieve pure 'off-the-grid' freedom.  Regardless if the system is for a residence or if it is for a commercial business, there are plenty of reasons to make the investment to turn the building into a more environmentally friendly place to work or live.

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