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Solar Window Films Fight UV Rays and Infared Light

People choose solar window films for protection for their valuable possessions as well as their family’s health.  Not only do these tinted sheets cover the windows to keep out the harmful ultraviolet rays, but they also block the infrared light rays as well.  In order to fully understand why the panes of glass need these treatments would begin with understanding the properties of sunlight. 

The sun shines daily and provides warmth and energy for the entire world.  It is vital part of growing everything from flowers to trees and the food that everyone eats.  However, there are some properties to this life giving light source that are also dangerous when overexposure takes place.  Ultraviolet rays from the sun are the invisible rays that have been linked to causing skin cancer.  The glass pane that allows the warmth and the light to come through during the day can also be a portal to a health crisis if one sits or stands in front of it for long periods of time.  By applying solar window films this risk can be nearly eliminated indoors.   When these products are applied to the glass, they block up to ninety-nine percent of the ultraviolet rays but they still allow one hundred percent of the sunshine to filter in. 

Another potentially damaging property of sunlight would be infrared light.  These rays cause the room to heat up above the desired setting on the air conditioner thermostat.  Infrared rays make the temperature rise and they can also cause wooden furniture to dry out and begin to crack.  This could be catastrophic for those that might be a collector of antique furniture.  Even newer pieces can prove to be costly to replace.  This can be avoided by providing each glass pane in the home with solar window films.  This gives the home or office the advantage of having lots of sunlight without the added heat and damage to the furnishings. 

The way that solar window films work is that they allow the harmful rays to bounce off of them and thus they are repelled.  This is done with a technologically advanced material that is combined with the vinyl surface.  Manufacturers want to make these tinted sheets just as decorative as they are functional, so they offer them in different colors of tint and different designs. 

During a time when every dollar must do more, this is the perfect product for the home or office.  It protects everything from furnishings to the people that are inside, adding valuable peace of mind for everyone involved.  Not only are these products affordable, but they are also rather easy to install.  There is no need for slimy adhesives that will be a huge bother to remove later.  There is no danger to the surface to which solar window films are applied either, and the removal is just as easy as the installation.

Another added benefit to applying this type of product to glass surfaces in doors or panes of glass would be safety.  Should this glass become shattered from a storm or an object being thrown through it such as a baseball, the sheet will work to hold the shards of glass together lessening the risk of injury. 

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