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Jeffrey Mayer

Chief Executive Officer

Jeff likes to say that his conversion to the clean energy business began in 2006 at the end of David Guggenheim’s documentary Inconvenient Truth about the impact of carbon emissions on global warming. Jeff realized, after 30 years of working with oil and natural gas producers, that being in the energy business was like being in the tobacco business. “I feared that some day my children or grandchildren might turn to him and ask, “What were you thinking?!”

Jeff and his family enjoy the benefits of an energy efficient home in Connecticut that is equipped with solar panels, geothermal heat pumps, solar hot water, and triple pane argon windows. He drives a Chevy Volt. “You can’t beat the smile factor when every few months you pull into a service station to fill up the gas reserve and you can’t remember where the tank is.”

Unlike many corporate executives, Jeff looks at his job as defending his customers and colleagues from company bureaucracy. “It’s natural for every company to get stuck in its ways,” he says. “I view my role as shaking things up periodically to make sure we are being responsive to customer needs.”

Throughout his career Jeff has contributed his time and expertise to non-profit and governmental organizations. He is the founding chairman of Friends of Westport Parks & Recreation,a board member of the International Institute of Connecticut, and a former chairman of Westport’s Board of Finance.
You can reach Jeffrey Mayer at or by calling 203.202.9788.

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