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The Best Programmable Thermostat Can Lower Utility Bills

There are a number of climate control devices out there, but the best programmable thermostat isn’t just easy to use and attractive, it can also cut down on energy usage in the home. As residences get more and more wired, the technology used in these devices has become more sophisticated, and the top models can adjust heating and cooling levels in the house before anyone decides to change the temperature control.

Among the models out on the market, there are a few really worth looking at. The hottest climate control model now is the Nest, and it stands alone on top of the best programmable thermostat hill for a few reasons. Designed by a former exec that was in part responsible for the iPhone, it has a gorgeous circular design that is perfect for contemporary homes. The most impressive feature it has, though, is its ability to program itself over a week or two. Unlike other models, which must be adjusted by the user, the Nest spends the first couple weeks learning the patterns of heating and cooling that the homeowner desires. With this, the Nest automatically adjusts the temperature in the home based on previous usage patterns. In addition, the Nest monitors motion in the house and knows when no one is home. At these times, it pulls back the energy used by the HVAC unit, and saves power as a result. Finally, with its ability to detect the level of humidity and light in the building, it can constantly adjust and readjust to find that perfect temperature, switching off the air conditioner several minutes earlier to keep the room from getting too cold. This also saves electricity, and can lower utility bills nearly 30 percent as a result.

Another model considered to be the best programmable thermostat is the Honeywell Prestige HD. Honeywell is responsible for many of the best climate control devices on the market, and this one represents its greatest effort to date. As the name suggest, it comes with an ultra-sharp monitor that is particularly helpful in the dark. It is extremely easy to set up, though it may require the help of a professional. The Prestige, in addition to storing up to a week’s worth of scheduling, can dehumidify the home, preserving furniture and precious furnishings. It can also be set from any mobile device, and is compatible with modern multi-stage heating and cooling units, which means greater energy efficiency and lower electricity bills. Because of this, the Prestige is considered the best programmable thermostat by many in the industry, and it is also eco-friendly.

The Hunter Max Touchscreen is also among the best programmable thermostat, and while it does not have the mobile interfacing capacity that the Prestige has, it compensates for this by displaying the amount of energy the home is saving at its current settings. This allows a homeowner to get instant feedback on how green their house is, and how much lower the utility bill will be as a result. Another nifty feature in this model is that it tracks the status of the air filters in the home and lets the occupants know when it is starting to get dirty, which helps increase its energy efficiency.

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