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The Numerous Advantages Of Adding ENERGY STAR Windows

Qualified ENERGY STAR windows, skylights, and doors help reduce utility bills by between 10% and 20% while reducing the carbon footprint on the environment as well. These casements come in all shapes and sizes, but there is a significant difference in the available types, so the property owner has a lot to choose from. A lot will depend on the locations’ climate zone, and then it will depend on what type of protection the property owner wants to invest in.

Product testing is required to carry this prestigious name, and there are many guiding principles the product must comply with to be good enough. Even then the product must continue to adhere to the ever-changing guidelines. Each product has to be certified by the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC), and laboratory testing that meets the EPA standards is also required.

How do ENERGY STAR windows help the consumer

Reducing greenhouse gases helps not only the household, neighborhood, and community, it helps the nation as a whole
. Life on the planet requires the Greenhouse Effect to exist. Without it, the planet would be freezing cold. The trapped heat in the atmosphere keeps the planet warm and life on the planet alive and functioning. However, the Enhanced Greenhouse Effect is making it too hot, so there are droughts, extreme weather conditions, more natural disasters, and thawing of polar ice caps. The atmosphere is out of balance according to the experts.

Improving power efficiency decreases the use of fossil fuels that emit carbon emissions
. Properly installed casements that better a property’s efficiency will help put the atmosphere back into a natural balance. It starts one household at a time.

Because the property is more efficient, the owner will discover that it costs less to heat and cool the residence
. The decreased power use reduces costly utility bills. The temperature indoors is more even, so there are fewer temperature fluctuations. No more extreme temperatures, regardless of the climate or season.

One benefit people often forget is that good ENERGY STAR windows can help protect valuables in the home
. Curtains, furniture and carpeting can discolor and fade because of the sun, but with good windows in place, that damage is slowed or stopped completely. Flooring, favorite pictures, artwork, and furniture are able to be protected from the harmful UV rays, so they stay enjoyable and keep their value.

Residents and visitors are able to enjoy an even temperature, and depending on the HVAC system alone is expensive
. In addition, an overworked HVAC will need replaced sooner and require continual maintenance. ENERGY STAR windows help reduce the flow of air through the panes of glass. The temperature in the home stays comfortable, and the HVAC system does not have to work overtime to keep the temperature just right.

Of course, ENERGY STAR windows also increase the value of the property. Buyers find efficiency attractive, and buying a home that is more efficient will reduce overhead and upkeep costs. The new homeowner pays less by shopping green, and finding a bank to qualify the purchase is easier with the ENERGY STAR logo attached to the upgrade.

Remember to keep the receipt from the purchase of ENERGY STAR windows
. When combined with a Manufacturer’s Certification Statement, the receipt may qualify the buyer to a federal tax credit of up to 10%. The qualified purchase does not include the cost of installation, however. For more details speak with a tax preparer or accountant knowledgeable in green or efficient property improvements.

The EPA, government, and manufacturer of these products are all working together to help homeowners save money while reducing their carbon footprint. Making a difference does not mean the consumer has to make big changes. The consumer only has to be an educated, savvy shopper that wants better for their family and the nation when deciding which windows to buy.

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