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The Science Of Solar Electric Power

Many homeowners are contemplating making the switch to becoming self-sufficient using solar electric production.  Most standard homes use electricity as their power source on a daily basis. From TV’s, computers, laundry and cooking to alarm clocks and cell phone chargers, every home needs electricity.   To obtain electricity a resident must subscribe to the local utilities company or look into creating their own energy source.   With the economy going in the direction it has been over the last few years, more and more people are considering the benefits of solar power as a viable alternative.  With the overabundance of this resource being available and the knowledge that it is a clean, renewable source makes it a very logical choice to migrate to solar electric usage. 

There is an unlimited amount of sunlight available on a daily basis that can easily be converted into solar electric use. In just one second the sun produces enough energy for the entire United States to utilize for well over a year.   With the use of solar panels, the suns energy can be converted into usable energy to sustain not only the homeowners dwelling, but in some cases producing enough excess power to be sold back to the utility companies. Research shows that in the year 2010 the average US resident used 958 kilowatt hours (kWh) per month.  That would mean about 11,496 Kwh per year.  If the average person lived to be about 80, that would mean a usage of somewhere in the neighborhood of 919,680 kWh over a life time.  With a very large and complicated scientific mathematical equation, science has come up with the estimation that the sun gives off 400 trillion watts per second.  With that being said, it emits more energy in one second then a person needs in their entire lifetime.  This also means that on a daily basis a good clean energy source is going to waste if it is not being harnessed.  While there is talk of limited resource in one area, there is a plethora in another.  Unfortunately, that resource is grossly underutilized.

With the invention of the Photovoltaic solar panels and companies offering a professional installation, any homeowner can take the renewable energy source the sun provides and turn it into solar electricity.  The technology behind these panels continues to grow and improve each year.  This energy can be used throughout the day and stored for use at night when the sun is not out by method of a battery system. The only difference a homeowner may see using solar electric energy versus grid energy is the potential income the utility companies may offer by putting energy back into the grid for their use in an effort to sell the excess power to other utility dependant customers.  This now creates an investment possibility.  Beyond just the investment of a home improvement project, there is income potential.  Independence from the municipalities allows home owners to avoid price increases, mandatory rolling black outs, outages due to accidental damage and energy restrictions.  This energy is a clean, renewable energy source that is available to anyone and everyone, giving them the opportunity to give back to the community while maintaining their independence.

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