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Understanding Solar Latitude

There are numerous reasons why purchasing and installing a photovoltaic system is beneficial to a home or office, and proper installation of the new system means understanding the importance of solar latitude.  While the term may sound daunting and difficult to comprehend, the true definition is simplistic.  It will help the consumer understand the necessity of proper placement of the new photovoltaic system on the property.

This type of system works by collecting sun rays, converting them into energy, and then storing or dispersing the energy for the property's needs.  Proper installation means maximizing the exposure to those needed sun rays.  The installation technician will have a good understanding with regards to solar latitude and will be able to determine the most beneficial placement of the panels.

Collectors or panels must be angled away from the horizon.  The degree of that angle must be equal to the latitude plus or minus a few degrees for what season of the year it is.  Yes, the entire system is moveable to account for the degree difference necessary to maximize the exposure to the sun, regardless of the season.

In the southern hemisphere, the system must be faced true north, and in the northern hemisphere, the system must be faced true south.  The angle difference is then added into the equation to make sure that the household or business receives ample exposure to collect those useful rays.  However, if the system is not moveable, the installation will be set to the winter months.

The solar latitude is important for proper installation, however, any household can benefit from owning a photovoltaic unit.  There have been rumors that northern states cannot benefit from this alternative energy source.  These rumors are completely unfounded.  By utilizing proven scientific guidelines, the service technician can maximize the exposure for the panels, regardless of the location of the proposed installation site.  By maximizing the exposure, the installer is able to make sure that the unit will work as it should to provide maximum efficiency.

Why purchase a photovoltaic system?

Purchasing this type of system is more cost effective than ever before.  In just a year’s time the overall cost has become significantly less.  In recent years a complete system would cost an average of $35,000.  Today, that exact same unit will cost the consumer roughly $11,000.  That is a 66% savings.  With savings like this, many homeowners and small business owners are finding that this is an affordable option that will provide clean, renewable energy every day.

Proper solar latitude allows the panels to work at peak efficiency.  Luckily, the panels are simple to maintain.  Regular cleaning is often all that is needed for them to provide maximum results for many years.  Maintenance is fast and easy which makes these affordable photovoltaic systems so popular.  In fact, cities and metropolitan areas are purchasing large quantities of these units and panels because of their affordability and effectiveness.

A reputable company will be able to install the unit with the best solar latitude, allowing the homeowner to put their investment to work. Without the proper installation, the panels will not perform the way they were meant to.  Properly installed, the system will last decades and allow people to enjoy the true benefits of using a renewable energy source.

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