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Use These Energy Savings Facts To Lower Usage and Bills

The budget-minded homeowner can save a lot of money just by learning some basic energy savings facts. Many people waste power without even realizing it, and these incremental costs can add up to a hefty utility bill at the end of the month. While major renovations or switching out how the home derives its power can make big changes in how much electricity the house needs, just following a few simple concepts can be enough to bring utility bills back under budget.

Among the simplest energy savings facts to keep in mind is that most lighting is inefficient, and wastes 90 percent of its power to generate heat instead of light.
Bulbs created with tungsten are still the standard in most buildings, but switch over to compact fluorescent lights, or CFLs, is a smart way to reduce costs. Over their lifetime, each blub can pocket $50 or more in savings for the homeowner. These types of bulbs can be found at any department or hardware store and have a much longer lifespan than traditional bulbs.

In most American homes, the refrigerator expends about 1/6 of the total electricity. Adding a second fridge to the building will greatly increase its load, and to increase the efficiency of the appliance, it is best to move it away from the wall so that it can vent better. Also, letting the door stand open wastes a lot more power than most would think, so know what is needed before opening the door to conserve electricity.

Energy savings facts that most people forget about have to do with the water heater. It sits out of the way and is rarely thought about until it breaks down, but it can sap a lot of the power needlessly. Many models come preset to heat water up to 140 degrees, which is more than is typically required for day to day use. In fact, water this hot can scald, so it is best to lower the temperature to 120 degrees instead. This will conserve a lot of electricity and reduce the likelihood of injury. Many have turned to solar or tankless water heaters for energy saving solutions as well.

The heating and cooling system in the home can use up to half of the available electricity, and there are many energy savings facts that someone can use to lower this number. Many setups let a lot of treated air through seams in the ductwork, which is effectively wasted power. Taping up seams on the ducts in the attic, basement or garage can prevent this, and adding some insulation can improve its integrity even further. With these steps, a house can boost its efficiency by 15 to 20 percent.

The modern house has electronics running at nearly all times of the day, but paying attention to energy savings facts can help mitigate the drain they put on the system. TVs and computers often have LED display lights that don’t switch off until they’ve been unplugged, but hooking them up to a power strip and just switching off the strip when leaving the room can alleviate waste. Also, laptops use at least six times less power than desktop computers do, so when both are available, use the laptop to return a lot of money over the long run.

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