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A Utility Bill Audit Can Help Stop Costly Habits

A utility bill audit can help a consumer stop costly overpayments and help reclaim control over the pocketbook. Any sector can ask for one, and in some states, they are required by law on a regular basis. It can prove to be a good investment of time and money to hire an expert to complete the project, and then the expert can make suggestions on how to make improvements. The process, however, can be completed by an internal agent.

What does the project entail?

A person reviews the utility invoices checking for errors and evaluates the current plan to see if changing providers would be in the best interest of the company or organization. While residential properties may find it a good idea to review those invoices for errors, it generally takes a lot of time and knowledge to properly evaluate the invoices. That is why an organization may turn to a contractor or professional instead.

Why hire a professional external contractor to review and evaluate the invoices

The project takes an eye of detail that generally comes from experience and education
. Organizations do not usually have the resources to hire the personnel necessary to complete the project, and it is a waste of money to hire full time personnel for an annual project. The contractor will also have established partnerships with the providers, and they will know how to document and resolve issues successfully. The utility bill audit can also find errors in the invoicing that a contractor knows how to address quickly and agreeably.

Is there one company that stands out above the rest when it comes to performing the review and evaluation

An energy advisory company, such as Soluxe Savings, helps find those errors, and then makes acceptable suggestions on a quick resolution. With almost a decade of experience, this is a company that is paving the way for saving energy and saving the planet through personal energy regulation. The company realized that there had to be a way to save money while reducing energy consumption that was both affordable and practical. No one would want to go to the effort of reducing consumption if it was difficult and there were no rewards.

States such as Texas require an organization or company to perform a regularly scheduled utility bill audit. It reviews the past use habits, and looks for errors in the invoicing. Once completed, the organization or company will have a better understanding of where the energy is going, how it is being wasted, and ways to improve consumption.  

The company or organization will better understand how to reduce demand, remove errors from the invoicing, and whether or not it is a good idea to switch providers. A utility bill audit can give the organization or company a list of potential providers, and these are unbiased suggestions. Simple changes can include retrofitting lights, upgrade wiring, or installing better capacitors, and one of the most common billing errors is a misclassification of the rate. There are simple, affordable fixes for any issue, but it takes a professional like Soluxe to find those viable solutions.

A utility bill audit helps analyze past use habits, and then helps the hirer find new ways to build new, healthier habits. The money saved can be quite significant, putting up to 65% of the annual bill back into the bank account. It is possible, though unrealistic, to complete the procedure with in-house personnel. Experts highly suggest hiring an experienced energy auditor to get the most accurate and timely results.

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