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Various Forms of Renewable Energy

When it comes to renewable energy, there is a lot of discussion about which one is the best. Depending on whom one talked to about the subject will determine the answer, especially since many people are moving to more sustainable energy resources. There are many types of sustainable power sources available to the residents of each state today.  However, some are limited to availability because of the geographical region.

One type of renewable energy would be hydropower or water power.  Water can be used to power the turbines at large electric power stations.  This is a fantastic use of an alternative power source because water can be used and then returned to the lake, river, ocean or stream from which it came to be used again another day.  This is a very economical way to generate power.  Many power plants still use coal as a power source, and converting to hydropower is a great way to reduce the need for a fuel that is not renewable. This also means that the power plants must be built near a water source. 

Solar power is another source of renewable energy.  The sun shines each day and therefore it is accessible to almost everyone and every business.  This is a superb alternative fuel because the sun will always shine.  It is a clean way to generate electricity. Many homeowners are learning that their local utility company will buy back some of the electricity if they generate more than they need. However, this can vary state to state.

Using biomass as a fuel is another type of renewable energy.  The byproducts of farming and other waste products that utilize natural materials can be used to generate power.  These byproducts will always be produced, and this is a way to utilize something that will be produced as long as there is a farm or other type of operation. 

Wind is another sustainable type of power.  The wind blows more on some days than others. There are also those areas that seem like they have a strong wind blowing through on a regular basis. Either way, there is always wind to harness somewhere. There are about 37 states that could benefit from this type of renewable energy. The key is to know where to place the wind machine to maximize its usage.

While the verdict is still out concerning the best type of sustainable power, many people would say that the energy produced from solar power systems might be the most easily accessed power source.  This fuel is available to nearly every type of residence or business.  Water or hydropower requires a nearby water source.   Wind requires a region where it has a frequent wind speed of 23MPH to make this an economical choice.  Biomass requires farming or other natural waste product facilities close by that produce the materials. 

While there is still much work to be done in providing the proper infrastructures to mainstream the use of any type of sustainable power, one can be sure that this is an area that will continue to grow.   


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