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10 Ways To Save Energy

Finding 10 ways to save energy around a house or business is actually not a difficult task and can have a positive result on utility bills. Most of these money saving techniques are either quick or one time fixes.  

The first of the 10 ways to save energy is to try to use natural light during the day, rather than relying on electric lighting. Opening blinds can cut down on the hours that a light bulb has to work, and contribute to lowering electricity costs for the building. A skylight also works as a nice alternative to electric lighting.  Another lighting suggestion is to install motion sensors, which prevent electricity from being wasted during times that a room is vacant.

Sealing all the obvious cracks in a home with caulk or adding a thicker seal to the bottom of doors to prevent drafts can make a large impact when it comes to heating and cooling costs. Upgrading windows to those with multiple panes can prevent air from getting in and out of the house and serves in the same way as improving insulation. A high efficiency showerhead serves the purpose of reducing water use and costs, which means that less water will need to be heated. Thoroughly retrofitting a house to exhibit higher energy efficiency may take some work, but the results are satisfying.

Phantom load is a term used to describe the energy that is consumed by an appliance that is not turned on. Electronic devices still draw power as long as they are connected to the source, so turning off power strips and unplugging is a very small action that can make a big difference in utility bills.

Another one of the 10 ways to save energy is the installation of a thermostat that can be programed to automatically adjust the temperature. This will result in not wasting resources when the building is empty.

Changing lights in favor of compact florescent light bulbs (CFLs) is not the only way to update a building. Some appliances can be purchased in more efficient forms as well. Any extra cost over their common alternative is made back in the form of lower utility bills.  

One of the most overlooked of the 10 ways to save energy is making arranging landscaping in a way that provides an advantage. Planting trees or shrubs around a building can influence cooling costs by using their shade to limit sun exposure in the summer, and their presence will act as a shield against chilling winds in the winter.

Another method of saving energy is to produce it. Solar panels for electricity can be installed in a span as short as two days and immediately go to work producing usable and clean power.  

The cost of living can be reduced by implementing one or all of these methods. Some of them have quick return rates, while others require time for their savings to be apparent. Reduction of power use is good for the environment and the wallet. Whether it is for the home or a commercial operation, everyone who is at the mercy of their utility bill can benefit from these 10 ways to save energy. 

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