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Ways That I Can Lower My Energy Bills

Each day, thousands of people look at their electricity or natural gas statement in dismay and shock, and think to themselves “How can I lower my energy bills?” There are so many areas of alternative power sources and green power that it can be very confusing trying to select the right combination for one’s home. This is when turning to professionals such as Soluxe Energy Solutions ( can be the right decision.

One of the first things that come to mind with the phrases of renewable resources and green power is solar
. Solar power comes in many forms, but the most basic is passive solar photovoltaic panels, usually roof-mounted (and preferable on a southern exposure) that capture the sun’s rays and convert that heat into electricity. Solar power is extremely common these days, found on everything from calculators to cars to. This technology has come a long way since its first uses almost exclusively in space.  And properly installed solar panels can dramatically reduce a household’s power bill and provide a sense of self-sufficiency. There are also numerous government programs that award tax-breaks and grants to those who choose solar panels as an answer to the old “How do I lower my energy bills” question, to help offset the cost of purchase and installation.

Of course, “How can I lower my energy bills?” can be a tricky question, not fixed just by slapping a few solar panels on the roof. For many people, an energy audit can be an excellent place to start, as the folks at can testify to. An auditor will take the entire home into account—age, location, sun and wind exposure, mean and extreme temperatures faced by the home owners, and other issues—and build a workable solution that targets waste and leaks. These might include ductwork that is not properly insulated, old, inefficient appliances, cracks around windows and doors, leaky or broken siding, old single-pane windows and doors, how well or how poorly the attic and/or basement are insulated, and many other points. The auditor will walk each home owner through the steps to make a plan for a much more efficient home and ideas that will answer the question of “how to lower my energy bills”.

The auditor may also suggests some basic changes to the home’s heating and cooling systems, such as ductless heating and cooling, which is a module placed in each room, directly addressing the temperature of that room rather than trying to maintain one set temperature all over the house. Duct sealing, furnace replacement, buying a programmable thermostat, replacing windows, and more efficient lighting might also be suggestions the home power auditor makes. On a larger scale for answers to “how do I lower my energy bills” are options such as converting the furnace from oil to gas, or installing a geothermal furnace that harnesses the power of the heat of the earth to warm a home in the winter, and reverses the process to cool it in the summer. Another widely used power-saving device is a tankless water heater, which is seen in more and more houses across America. This device is easily installed in any home. These appliances are generally wall-mounted, take less than a quarter of the room used by a traditional tank heater, and provide hot water instantly, on demand—without the worry of running out. Some of the larger models can provide a dishwasher, clothes washer, and two persons showering with hot water all at the same time. There are geothermal and solar thermal options for water heating and cooling as well that can be used in conjunction with a tankless water heater.

The above suggestions are just a small portion of the endless options available for someone who wonders “How do I lower my energy bills?”

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