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What About Geothermal Energy Makes It A Reliable Energy Source?

Geothermal is a term that refers to heat generated from the Earth’s core. It is used in various applications to create a reliable source of energy.  Though there is a lot of regard being related to solar power, this is yet another promising solution to clean, efficient, environmentally friendly energy.   Temperatures fluctuate through each season. However, temperatures six to eight feet underground tend to remain reasonably constant. A geothermal system utilizes the earth’s resources to create more efficient, clean and evenly controlled homes and facilities.  

Geothermal living offers a flexible form of energy to create heating, air conditioning and hot water for both homes and businesses. A necessity in gathering energy for a system of this type lies within geothermal heat pumps. This equipment allows the earth’s temperature to be pushed through the surface and vice versa, depending on the season. The pump is connected to a series of small pipes that are buried beneath the ground. It simply moves heat energy from one place to another. The solution circulating through these pipes carries ground temperatures to the heat pump inside a home or business. In colder seasons, the fluid or solution collects heat beneath the ground and carries it through a series of pipes and into the building. In warmer seasons, the system reverses itself with a flip of a switch; cooling the building by pulling heat from the building, and pushing it down through the system underground.

Technology of this type affords an abundance of water at the lowest costs imaginable.  During the summer months, water is free.  During colder months, the system delivers substantial savings in water. All year long these systems make continuous hot water up to 30% less expensive than traditional methods by reducing the amount of power and energy that a hot water heater or other conventional system might use. Water is not the only advantage of a system of this type. This process also creates electricity for heating and air conditioners and operates with more energy efficiency than most high end conventional systems and in some cases saves up to 70% on utility bills.  

Increasing the value of homes and businesses is another added bonus to investing in a geothermal system. This is a huge plus for any real estate and can set a property apart from others, regardless of market conditions. Homeowners and business owners can also take advantage of numerous tax credits and incentives available to curb the upfront costs. Utilities in certain areas also offer rebates and additional discounts for energy related upgrades.

Geothermal systems utilize a renewable energy source. With that being said, there is very little impact on the environment and the monthly cost is extremely low compared to other traditional forms of utilities.  This form of energy is eliminating the world’s dependence on fossil fuels and natural gas. The system disburses no carbon dioxide or carbon monoxide, both of which are primary contributors of environmental air pollution. It is said to be one of the resources most likely to be largely adapted in the future. With the rise in costs of fossil fuels and their negative impact on the environment, investing in this process makes perfect sense. 

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