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What To Compare When Reading Pellet Stove Reviews

Pellet stove reviews can be useful for the consumer wanting to upgrade or install a new reliable heating source that is both environmentally friendly and affordable. Households are choosing this as a heating source because it is effective and doesn’t cost a lot to start up or maintain. The heat it provides is also cleaner, warmer, and does not emit noxious fumes, so it is friendly to those in the household. A smart consumer knows to listen to past customers and users of the product to get a better idea of the advantages and disadvantages of the unit.

What is a pellet stove? What are the big differences between a budget unit and a high-end one?

A budget unit may save the consumer money upfront, but it requires the use of premium fuel because of the air quality control. A high-end unit can use cheaper fuel because it has a cleaner filtration system that produces cleaner emissions. High-end units usually come with an extended warranty, and lower quality ones do not typically come with a warranty at all. A high-end unit may cost more initially, but in the long run, a cheaper unit will cost the consumer more money.

When the consumer is researching by reading pellet stove reviews there are some common things to compare. The past customer ratings are important, but if the unit is not suited to the environment, it is useless. Take a look at some of the things to compare and consider when checking what those customers have to say.

Size requirements are one of the first things the consumer should check on so the unit fits the environment. A typical appliance will have a capacity ranging from 8,000 to well over 90,000 Btu an hour, so it is important to know which is best suited to the living space. The calculation is simple, ranging from 30 to 55 Btu’s per square foot to be heated, and the further north the property is, the more Btu’s per square foot. For example, someone looking at pellet stove reviews in Oregon would need about 45,000 BTU for a 1,000 square foot room.

It is important to get the appropriate size for the room, because too high a Btu will cause the appliance to work too hard, and too low a Btu will cause it to burn too slow, causing excessive fumes. The majority of units will have multiple settings, and the ideal appliance will heat the room warmly at a middle setting.

The hopper is the receptacle that stores the pellets, and when checking through pellet stove reviews the consumer should check for capacity. The larger the capacity of the unit the longer the appliance will provide heat without needing to be refilled, and a 100-pound hopper can provide heat for about 2-days. The size of the hopper is usually between 30 and 150 pounds.

A good warranty is something else to look for when investigating pellet stove reviews. There is a big difference in warranties. A good warranty will typically cover the cost of replacement parts, and that is an important factor as the parts can be a bit steep on the higher end models.  

Of course, there is also the price of the unit itself. The cost will depend on the features the consumer wants, but a higher quality appliance will cost the consumer less in the end. There are plenty of attractive units to choose from, and the buyer can lower their heating and electric bill without investing a small fortune.

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