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What Does A Furnace Conversion Entail?

With the colder weather approaching, many people who are dependent on propane, natural gas, and electricity are looking at how a furnace conversion can be done. The cost to heat one’s home just continues to increase each winter. The cost of installing and using solar heat is continuing to decline thanks to advancements in solar technology and increase in popularity. The idea of a furnace conversion is new to many people, and there are a lot of questions of how it can be done, who should do the change over, and what all it entails.

The best place to start is by finding a reputable company to deal with. As with many things now days, there are all kinds of do-it-yourself videos and tutorials, but a furnace conversion is really something that should be left to the professionals. They should have ample experience when it comes to the installation of this product. The company should have access and knowledge of the latest technology in this field as well. They should also be familiar with the area that the home resides in, and any local laws or ordinances pertaining to the installation of the equipment. Permits for any construction should be handled by the company too. If one is converting to solar power for their heater, a company representative will come to the home and give an accurate assessment of where the placement of the panels will be, if the roof is sound enough for the installation, and any further construction that will need to take place for the installation to be completed. They will also be able to accurately quote how much the furnace conversion will cost. 

A change from a fuel or electric furnace to a solar one is similar to how one would change a heating unit from gas or propane to electricity. A conversion kit will be installed on the unit, and there are hybrid kits available that include a heat pump. This will run off of electricity provided by the local utility company and some type of gas fuel.  It is something to consider depending on the size of the home and how much solar energy is collected on an average day. The actual cost to change the heating system will often depend on whether that is the only thing the homeowner wants to power using affordable solar energy. The larger the system, the more the investment will be. However, the return on the investment happens fairly quickly, and can be quite substantial.

If the homeowner is concerned about the cost of a furnace conversion or overall system change, there are great websites that one can look at to find any incentives currently being offered by local, state, or federal governments. Also, the company doing the installation may be aware of other incentives or rebates. There are financing options available through different companies as well. The homeowner should also consider the savings that they will gain over time. Depending on where one lives, the savings can be anywhere from 56% up to 87% a year with this type of technology.  These are all great examples of the many benefits of using the suns power to fuel a home’s heating system.

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