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What Is A Solar Panel?

While hearing so much about alternative energy sources, many people have asked the question, what is a solar panel?  Without a clear understanding of what it is and how it works, it is impossible to fathom the benefits of this remarkable way of generating electricity.  While this type of energy may have been something that most people viewed as a way to heat their pool, solar electric power is now one of the main alternative energy solutions that many businesses and households are now considering and using.

Revealing more information on solar panels, starting with their definition, will help answer the question, what is a solar panel? They are created by bundling together photovoltaic cells.  These cells receive light, and then take that light and convert it into usable energy or electricity.  The name photovoltaic has a Greek origin meaning light and from the process that causes light to be changed into power.  Each individual bundle makes up one module that is used in the process.  The more modules that are installed on a roof or a platform, the more power they can generate. 

In answering what is a solar panel, it is important to also convey that there are other components necessary to make up an entire alternative energy system.  There must also be an inverter attached to the system so that the power can be transferred to the house or building on which the system is installed.  A battery is also necessary or a tracker.  Each of the modules must also be connected together with wiring.  These are the components that make up the system. 

Each module is capable of producing a limited amount of power.  That is why some systems have only a few modules and some systems have many.  The more power that is desired, the more modules that are put into place, and this will have an effect on the overall price as well.  That is also why there is no definite amount of modules necessary for a system.
It would be fair to say while answering the question, what is a solar panel, that this is a revolutionary idea that has gained popularity in the last few years.  As more companies and communities raise awareness surrounding the need to conserve resources and find new ways to do things better, the more people are beginning to turn to alternative ways of doing things such as relying on this type of power generation.  By generating their own electricity from solar power, businesses and households are helping to keep their costs low, but they are doing so much more in the process.  The less electricity that has to be generated by power companies means the less they have to use coal or other types of fuels to produce it. Many people would agree that this is better for the environment.

These are the answers to the question; what is a solar panel?  It is an important part of a system that not only provides a way to save money on monthly utility bills, but it also helps to keep the environment cleaner. 

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