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Who Can Help Me Lower My Energy Bills?

When it was time to seriously make an effort to lower my energy bills, I knew that it would take some outside help. Most homeowners haven’t the first clue about cutting down on wasted power, and it’s best to get some advice from the experts before spending a bunch of money on things that may not help. Fortunately, there are professionals out there that specialize in providing green sources of electricity, and these generation methods can be had for little or nothing down these days. Companies like Soluxe are adept at identifying the weak spots in the building’s infrastructure and shoring it up with efficient replacements.

To lower my energy bills in my old home, there were many avenues of approach. First, scheduling professionals to come out to the house and survey the property was the obvious move. There’s no telling what devices in the building are causing the most drain, and it takes someone with some know-how to audit the house effectively.

Once this is done, the company was able to tell me how to lower my energy bills. There are big gains to be had for those that are willing to improve the building’s climate control, insulation or power generation. Climate control tends to be one of the biggest electrical sieves, and sticking with an archaic in-duct system run by an inefficient furnace and thermostat is like burning money to stay warm. As much as 25 percent of the power used to run an in-duct system can be lost through leakage in the ducts, but for those that don’t want to make a bunch of drastic changes, improved insulation and window films can mitigate this waste significantly.

Another way to improve on the climate control’s efficiency is to outfit it with a green furnace or a smart thermostat. The former is designed to use less power to get the job done, and the latter can be extremely helpful in monitoring temperature and humidity so that it can time turning the unit on and off perfectly. I found that this could lower my energy bills by hundreds every year.

For those that want to embrace newer, greener technology and run the home or solar panels, a company like Soluxe is helpful with this as well. With enough paneling, the entire building can be run on electricity generated from the sun’s rays; and with battery storage attached to the system, it can also run all night long. These are non-emitting panels, and they can free a homeowner from the grid and its high utility costs.

Not only could this lower my energy bills, but it came with a reasonable price tag, too. In the past, most people were scared off at the thought of dropping thousands upfront to get the system running. Now, though, there are myriad financing options that can cut down the upfront cost, or eliminate it entirely. Government rebated and incentive can reduce the price of the setup by more than half, and for those that want the panel up and running as soon as possible, there are leasing options that require nothing down. Because these panels can last for decades, they can make electrical independence a reality.

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