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Why I Replace My Furnace With Licensed Contractors

When deciding to replace my furnace, I found that most people in the same situation inevitably find that a contractor is going to be needed. It’s a big job, and it isn’t for the average homeowner to tackle alone. If the wrong unit is selected for the process, it can turn into a money pit and thousands of dollars could potentially be wasted. Even if a compatible model is found, installing it requires a huge amount of manpower, and if it’s not done right, it can do more harm than good. Realistically, anyone that isn’t licensed to do it right will need to find a reputable professional to help out.

While there are many contractors out there that could help me replace my furnace, there are a select few that have the required paperwork, versatility and experience to see any job through to completion. People looking to get their system switched out will need to hire a heating and cooling contractor, and every state regulates these professionals differently. In Texas, there are several steps to attaining this license, and only professionals that have one should be considered.

A heating and cooling contractor must first apply for the license and send in an application fee for the processing. To prove that they are capable of working in the field, they must either have two years of experience working in the industry or must have an associate’s or bachelor’s degrees in a major related to the field. Once the Texas licensing department verifies these credentials, they will ask the applicant to take an examination to prove their knowledge. Assuming he or she passes, the applicant becomes a licensed contractor and is ready to take on work in the industry. When looking for someone to replace my furnace, I only considered furnace contractors who could prove they had this licensing, as it is illegal to operate without it.

It’s also important to note that some license holders may lease out their license to third parties that are not qualified to do the job, but may present their paperwork as if they were. Before agreeing to any terms, I made sure that those workers who were going to replace my furnace would be doing so under the direct supervision of a license holder, and not just showing up as a proxy of the contractor.

Setting up appointments with multiple contractors helped ensure that I got the best deal when it came time to replace my furnace. It’s absolutely critical that the contractor see what kind of work needs to be done to complete the process, because every building is different. If there is older ductwork in the home, then there may be significant leakage seeping out through seams between duct pieces. In addition, the contractor should get a clear idea of how often the HVAC unit will be used, and what kind of climate control technology will be connected to the device. Armed with all of this knowledge, the contractor can produce an accurate and fair estimate of how much work will be required and how long it will take. They will also be able to install a unit that is compatible with the home and won’t produce too little or too much volume.

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