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Why Use An Energy Savings Assistance Program?

There are many families that are looking at utilizing the energy savings assistance program, but wonder if it is an option they can employ. This is an opportunity for a resident, owner or renter, to have access to more efficient appliances and insulating materials that may otherwise be out of their financial profile. It is available for people who live in apartments, homes, and mobile homes. This is a program that is offered to income qualified individuals and families. One way to know if the eligibility is achieved is by looking up the electric or gas provider’s website, or by contacting a company representative.  A representative can go over the qualifications, which often differ from state to state. Typically, the two primary qualifications are the amount of yearly income, and the number of people living in the residence.

Services included in the energy savings assistance program would be free energy-efficient equipment, and education on how to reduce consumption.
It can also include additional attic insulation, energy-efficient refrigerator, furnaces, caulking, new weather stripping, water heater blankets, low-flow showerheads, compact fluorescent lights, and other repairs that will limit the amount of air that infiltrates or exits a home.

One of the biggest benefits to people who qualify for the energy savings assistance program is that it is free. It is free to sign up, and any work that is done to the dwelling is of no out-of-pocket expense to the resident.  Money is given by the federal government to the states to provide this program.

Another part of what is offered is a free energy assessment of the property to know exactly what services would best benefit the customer. During the assessment, the utility provider representative will also look at what other low efficiency measures need to be taken as well. This may mean that an appliance is replaced on the basis of its safety to the resident, not based on its efficiency. There are provisions in the plan where these measures can be taken at no cost to the customer as well. With the provisions in place, it will lower the cost of the customer’s utility bill, save them money, and improve the quality of their living environment.

The following procedures can be expected by the individual or family who qualifies for the energy savings assistance program. A qualified energy contractor will come to the home, assess the dwelling, and determine what appliances would best suite the home. Once these products have been itemized, they will be installed. That may mean the removal and installation of a qualifying refrigerator, wrapping the water heater in a new blanket, replacing and installing weather stripping, or any other items that are noted. Replacing of exterior lighting may also be recommended. Once all of the work is completed, there may be an inspection of the work that was done, as well as a customer satisfaction survey.

The energy savings assistance program is beneficial to those that qualify for it. As utility costs continue to rise, it is worth looking in to such programs take advantage of the assistance they offer.

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